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Permanent Econoframe Filters

- Standard & special sizes.
- Quick & easy filter changes.
- Saves 30-50% over the cost of conventional, disposable filters.
- Rugged 24 gauge galvanized channel with expanded steel mesh.
- Permanently hinged snap lock door for easy filter replacement & guarantees
firm & uniform pad retention for peak perform

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We Carry a Complete Line of HV/AC Air Filters:
Dust Trap® Activated Carbon Filters
Merv Filters
Disposable Panel Filters
Permanent Econoframe Filters
Permanent Washable Filters
Multi-Velocity Pleated Panel Filters
Ring Panel Filters
Auto Rolls
  Cube Filters
Conoflo Filters
Multi-Pocket Filters
Bag Filters
Ashrae Box Filters
Rigid High Efficiency Air Filters
Hepa Filters
Other Available Products

Air Filters offers filters in a wide selection of filter media.


Permanent Econoframe Filters

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